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---- #From 18.04.17 only possible to pay by Bank Transfer, please excuse us for the inconvenience, we're working hard to fix it! ----

----Do not forget to insert your order reference number in the subject of your bank transfer, otherwise we cannot find your order!---- site is higly secure. Likewise all the methods of payment available on the site are higly secure. We are taking great care in protecting Customer's confidential information both online and offline. To ensure security of transaction Chillout Seedbank is using Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) industry leading standard for encrypting private information of the Customer.

During the order process, when Customer submits sensitive information, Chillout Seedbank automatically encrypts Your confidential information in transit from Your computer to Ours. Indicators of being on a secure site are as follows: (i) the lock icon of your web browser becomes locked (ii), "http" on your browser changes to "https".

We are using TLS 1.2 which encrypts connection with modern cryptography.

Financial data placed by our clients whilst acquiring using financial instruments is NOT memorized or registered in any way by Chillout Seedbank.
The name of our shop will not appear on your bank account statement, but the company name "Import Midden Nederland" without any connection to hemp seeds whatsoever.

Customer is able to pay by Bank Transfer if he chooses to do so. 


After completing the order process, choosing in the Step 5: "PAY BY BANK WIRE" and confirming order by clicking on ---- Place my order ---- button all the necessary bank tranfer information will be displayed on the next page.

It will look similar to this:

"Your order on Chillout Seedbank is complete.

Please send us a bank wire with

- Amount (xxx,xx)

- Name of account owner IMPORT MIDDEN NEDERLAND

- Include these details
Use the information below to make an IBAN/BIC (or SWIFT) money transfer:

IBAN : NL08 ABNA 0591 3459 78

Please take note that it can take between 2 and 5 business days before we receive the payment. Some banks will charge for an international transfer. These costs vary. Make sure you choose the option 'your costs'. Contact your bank for more information.

- Bank name


- Do not forget to insert your order reference (xxxxxxxx) in the subject of your bank wire.

An email has been sent with this information.

Your order will be sent as soon as we receive payment.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact our expert customer support team. "


As mentioned above -Do not forget to insert your order reference number in the subject of your bank transfer, otherwise we cannot find your order!

Please remember that bank commision is not included in the price, ask your bank about the commision and add the bank charge if necessary.