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Big Bud Secret… Welcome to Wappa, an award winner and one of Paradise Seeds most popular strains thanks to ease of growth and chunky harvests.

The heritage of this plant is a sweet skunk and we bred this line, selecting the biggest and the juiciest plants of each generation to build the Wappa profile. What makes this plant such great value for money is its special power to thrive and keep on producing. A perfect plant for the beginner and also popular with pros who are looking for big yields and a dependable product.

The plant itself is stout and sturdy, an indica strain that is renowned for its stability. The high calyx-to-leaf ratio will make the fussiest manicurist a happy person and it is pleasing to the eye too. This one is popular with those who have indoor grow rooms, and especially those gardeners that have limited space to work with. Wappa is a medium sized plant that packs a very big punch, evident in the thick cola and the proliferation of buds that surge from the side branches.  

As an outdoor plant, Wappa proves its qualities equally. It will perform in a more moderate climate, and grows well in the UK, Holland, Austria and Poland and parts of Canada.This plant will deliver the northern cultivator enough nuggets to store way for the long winter months ahead. However, Southern region growers in Europe, the USA and the countries of South America will best benefit from Wappa’s outdoor performance. Give this plant sunshine and it will reward you with buds.

The buzz is intense, but not overwhelming. It sinks into the body, providing an indica carpet to walk over but never dragging you down. In fact Wappa brings an upful sense of purpose to your day’s proceedings. It has great power, but a benign power that will push you towards the doors of perception with a gentle nudge rather than an elevator free-fall. A good day smoke and one to keep the evening going too. Also popular with medical patients.

Exactly as Paradise Seeds describes...A pure indica with no couchlock effect. Its a active happy cerebral high. Very good day time smoke... One of the better smokes in my opinion. Highly recommended.”

Cannabis Cups

  • 1st at Cannabis Champs Cup, Toronto Canada 2014 
  • 3rd at Copa de Canarias, Canary Islands 2011 



General Characteristics - Wappa by Paradise Seeds 


  • Category:                        Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor:              Indoor/Outdoor

  • Indica/Sativa:                  60% Indica x 40% Sativa
  • Genetics:                        Cool                          
  • THC:                               Proper level
  • Effect:                              Happy, energetic, no couchlock
  • Flavour:                           Deep fruit
  • Flowering Time:               55 - 60 days ; 8 - 9 weeks
  • Indoor Yield:                    450 g/m2
  • Indoor Height:                 Medium
  • Outside/Greenhouse
    Harvest Time:                   Mid October - northern hemisphere
                                             Mid April - southern hemisphere 
  • Outdoor Height:                Medium
  • Outdoor Yield:                  Up to 500 g/per plant
  • Miscellaneous:                 Perfect plant for the beginner           
                                             Performs good in moderate climate


Flowering TypePhotoperiod
TypeIndoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
ClimateMediterranean / Temperate
Genetics60/40 || Hybrid Indica
THCHigh (15-20%)
Type Of High / EffectGet Things Done || Happy || Energetic
FlavourJuicy & Fruity || Fruity
Flowering Time8 - 9 weeks
YieldMedium / High
Size MattersMedium (50-150cm)
ProducerParadise Seeds
BadgesEasy to Grow
Country of OriginNetherlands

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