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    Queen of Hash… our award winning
    Allkush is a big yield plant that comes with a high that is dynamic and long lasting thanks to a sativa influence. 

    This strain is easy to grow and its versatility of use (a nice weed to smoke and provider of quality hash) makes it a popular choice with beginners as well as hardened pros. The plant takes its origins from the Kush strains that produced the hash (strong and oily) which inspired many a journey along the ‘Hippie Trail’ through Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 1970s. A popular strain for growers in recent years, we spent several generations crossing Kush with Dutch genetics to provide a plant that delivers a new twist to an old classic

    In the Kush tradition, the Allkush plant is compact and relatively short, and fills out rather than stretching once it flowers. A relatively fast flowering time (56-60 days), makes it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor gardeners. Indoor growers enjoy the easy management the Allkush provides. It is perfect for a SOG (Sea Of Green) set ups thanks to a proliferation of big and well rounded colas.

    Outdoor growers will reap the rewards that come from extensive sunshine, with the Allkush growing to heights of 2m and more. Allkush produces large and dense buds that are crystal coated, reflecting the plant’s ‘best hash’ heritage. This variety is more recommended for growers in southern regions, such as Spain, Italy, southern United States and parts of South America. 

    This strain has won awards at the High Life and Argentina Cannabis Cups due to a powerful sweet flavor, an effect that is long lasting and dynamic and the superb hash making qualities of the plant. Although this is generally a good evening smoke, the sativa element (25%) prevents complete couch-lock, stimulating a ‘state of grin’ and a buzz that stretches from the head to the toes. 

    It has also been recognized for its fantastic medical qualities, and has been recommended by various medical users as being a good treatment for medical conditions ranging from cancer effects to depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

    “The effect is almost spiritual but without being pretentious.” Medical Marijuana Blog.


    • 1st place Cannabis Cup, Argentina 2010
    • 2nd place Highlife Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam 2005 


    General Characteristics - Allkush by Paradise Seeds 


    • Category:                        Feminized
    • Indoor/Outdoor:              Indoor/Outdoor

    • Indica/Sativa:                  75% Indica x 25% Sativa
    • Parents:                          Unknown Kush x Unknown Sativa
    • THC:                               High
    • Effect:                              Body relaxation and medical properties
    • Flavour:                           Musky, sweet
    • Flowering Time:               56 - 60 days ; 8 - 9 weeks
    • Indoor Yield:                    450 g/m2
    • Indoor Height:                  Relatively short
    • Outside/Greenhouse
      Harvest Time:                   Mid October - northern hemisphere
                                               Mid April - southern hemisphere 
    • Outdoor Height:                2m and more
    • Outdoor Yield:                  Up to 600 g/per plant
    • Miscellaneous:                 Superb hash making qualities of the plant              
                                               Perfect for SoG


    Flowering TypePhotoperiod
    TypeIndoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
    ClimateMediterranean / Temperate
    Type Of High / EffectHappy & Euphoric
    FlavourSweet Sweet Sensi
    Size MattersMassive (more than 200cm)
    ProducerParadise Seeds

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