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    True "Old School Funk"

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    This version of Shoreline is a cross between a male Oasis plant from Dutch Passion Seeds and a cut of a Texan Shoreline female.

    From what we have came to understand there are essentially two Shoreline skunk stories regarding the origins of the strain.

    • The first story goes that Shoreline is a bagseed found by some guys at Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, California) when Grateful Dead was playing an awesome concert there in the late 80's.

    • The second story goes that it was in fact an extraordinary Sensi Skunk phenotype which made its way to Texas (from the Netherlands). The phenotype was really stinky like a true vintage road skunk strain. The guys who grew it kept the phenotype and eventually circulated it among friends and acquaintances, and because they all hanged out around Shoreline Amphitheatre (Corpus Christi, Texas), so the named it after the hangout spot and name stuck. Strain later made its way to California, where it really got a good reputation.


    It might be also possible, that the Texans went to California to hear Grateful Dead playing live and made a lasting impression on the locals by sharing with them what they had best, that is Shoreline.

    Either way, what we know for sure is that Shoreline is named after Shoreline Amphitheatre (never mind which one) and that's some dank ass weed, which packs one hell of a punch. After contemplating the case, we think that further investigation should be commenced, starting from asking the members of Grateful Dead to shed some light on the matter. Maybe they also smoked some good stuff during one of the concerts at Shoreline, who knows.

    From what Devil's Harvest know the original Shoreline has been long lost but somewhere along the way someone of original owners crew made a cross of Shoreline with an Oasis male from Dutch Passion in order to preserve the strain. Again it was grown out and another clone was selected and this is the clone they are using today.

    It has been said by many, that taste-wise, there is nothing you can point to as a comparison – Shoreline really is a unique flavour.

    A very popular choice in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, and Devil's harvest most popular strain; this cross is turning heads wherever a bag is opened. Only available in feminized, Shoreline is their favourite and has garnered multiple Cannabis Cup wins and awards across the world; holding testament to its wide appeal. Devil's Harvets crew: "We consider ourselves to have been fortunate to be able to work with this very uncommon cannabis strain."

    This is one of the stinkiest strains they have ever used. It has the really strong aroma of an old school skunk.


    The plant produces very sticky and nice dense buds. They can be covered with large amount of multicolored pistils - red, orange, golden-yellow, green, light-green - it sure looks interesting. Big numbers of pistils makes for a hairy bud, the hairiness of the bud being of one the trademarks of some oldschool Skunks from the eighties. Very nice, compact structure with loads of resin.


    The base aroma is of skunk fruityness, surrounded by pepper, which can be a bit diesely. Fresh fruity smell, skunky yet fruity, light citurs aroma, with a hint of spices and earthiness. Strain has definitely complex and interesting flavour with many undertones, which each user experience just a little bit different.

    What makes it unique is that the smell comes through on the taste. It is unusual to find a strain that carries a smell and flavour that are the same. Fruitiness does not come up so much on the taste like on the smell, but its still definitely present.

    To really get advantage of the taste we advise to vape it. When joint, pipe or bong is used be sure to remember about hemp wick.

    Info Grow

    Shoreline blossoms into an extremely colourful plant full of pinks, purples and reds.  These colours start to appear after week 6.  Difficult to master, this cannabis strain is not best suited to novice growers – it needs a lot of attention, but is definitely worth it if you want to impress your friends with some of the stinkiest weed you have ever smoked.

    Medical Info

    Mostly prescribed for:

    • Stress
    • Nusea
    • Depression


    General Characteristics - Shoreline by Devil's Harvest 


    • Category:                        Feminized
    • Indoor/Outdoor:              Indoor/Outdoor

    • Indica/Sativa:                  60% Indica x 40% Sativa
    • Parents:                          Sensi Skunk x Oasis     
    • THC:                               19 - 21% on average
    • Effect:                              Mind blowing, euphoric, happy
    • Smell/Taste:                    Old school skunk with unique fruity-citrusy-sweet Shoreline twist to it, pungent
    • Flowering Time:               8 - 9 weeks
    • Indoor Yield:                    Big; abundant pistil presence, very high resin production 
    • Indoor Height:                  Small
    • Outside/Greenhouse
      Harvest Time:                  September
    • Outdoor Height:               N/a
    • Outdoor Yield:                 Good
    • Miscellaneous:                Produces lot of multicolored leaves
                                              Performs universally well in most weather conditions, good for outdoor

    Flowering TypePhotoperiod
    TypeIndoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
    ClimateMediterranean / Temperate
    Type Of High / EffectHappy & Euphoric
    FlavourDieselly & Fuelly
    ProducerDevil's Harvest

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